How to Make Your West Hills Home Remodel Look More Expensive

Most of us are on a budget when we undergo a home remodel. No matter your budget, however, we all have one thing in common: we want to make our homes look more expensive than they really are.

There are tips and tricks to keep in mind when remodeling and designing your home to make it look more expensive, without costing an arm and a leg to achieve.

Below are some ways to make your home remodel look more expensive on a budget.

Statement Chandelier

A large statement chandelier or pendant light can make rooms such as an entryway or dining room look much more luxurious. It’s better to have a larger light fixture than a smaller light fixture that underwhelms the space. If the budget is limited, try thrifting for a statement light fixture or repurpose one from another room.

Molding or Detailed Millwork

There’s something about thick crown molding that gives a luxe feel. In fact, detailed millwork in general can make an otherwise ordinary room look spectacular. Wall trim, molding or any detailed architectural detail can make rooms pop.

Change Out Hardware

Changing out outdated hardware is an easy fix to make your house look more updated, modern and luxurious. Whether it’s the kitchen cabinet hardware, bathroom vanity hardware or the drawer pulls in the master bedroom, a switch as easy as changing out hardware can give your room the change it needs.


This one is as easy as it gets – adding flowers or some type of greenery to a room can instantaneously make it feel lush. You don’t even have to have a green thumb to pull this one off, there are plenty of faux flower or faux greenery options to achieve this look.

Hang Curtains Higher

This is a good visual trick interior designers use to open up a space and make it look more luxurious. The higher you hang the curtain rod, the taller the windows will look. Tall windows make the ceiling look higher and the room larger overall.

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