How to Keep Your House as Cool as Possible in the Summer

Staying as cool as possible in the summer becomes top priority once those temperatures surge. Once you’re in the comfort of your own home, you want it to be a safe haven from the heat outside. In order to make that happen, homeowners should be efficient with their summer cooling plans. After all, efficient cooling plans can save on money, energy and effect our comfort levels at home. Below are some tips on how to keep your house as cool as possible in the summer.

Keep Blinds Closed

By keeping blinds closed on the windows that face the sun, you’re reducing the amount of heat that glares into the house. In addition to keeping blinds closed, keep curtains closed as well. Taking the small step of purchasing inexpensive blinds can make a big impact on the amount of heat that gets into the house.

LED Lighting

Since non-LED lightbulbs can add more heat to the rooms they’re in, replacing those bulbs with LED lights will help cool down your house in the summer. LED lights are more energy efficient and can lower your energy bills.

Change A/C Air Filter Often

Replace A/C filters about once a month while the A/C unit works overtime during the summer, when the temperatures are at their warmest. Changing out your A/C air filter will help the unit run more efficiently, allowing air to flow easier.

Use Kitchen Appliances at Night

Try to delay use of kitchen appliances like the dishwasher and oven during the day to avoid heating up your kitchen. Another appliance to steer clear of during the heat of the day is the washer/dryer, so try to do all of your laundry at night when the temperatures cool off.

Unplug Electronics

Especially during a heat wave, unplug your electronics when not using them to eliminate excess heat in the house. Electronics like TVs and desktop or laptop computers can generate a lot of heat when just sitting in the house not being used.

Ventilate with Ceiling Fans

Only use ceiling fans when in the room, so you can feel their effects. Ceiling fans use less energy than the A/C, so it will save money. An energy-saving tip is to set your ceiling fans to run counterclockwise to push the cool air downwards.

Take Cool Showers or Shorter Hot Showers

Since hot showers can make the house humid, take a cool shower to eliminate excess heat. If the cool water is too uncomfortable, take a shorter hot shower and keep the bathroom fan running 20 minutes after your shower to ensure all the heat is gone from the bathroom and can’t make its way to other parts of the house.

Shade South and West Parts of Yard

For another protective barrier against the heat of the sun, take measures to shade the south and west parts of your yard. Big trees will block the sun from seeping into your windows or sliding doors, which will keep your home cooler.

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