How to Blend Indoor-Outdoor Living Spaces in Carle Place

We’re in the dead of winter, but it can’t hurt to dream about warmer days, can it?

Our experts at Center Island Contracting have some great advice on how to seamlessly blend indoor-outdoor living spaces on the north shore of Long Island so that your family can make the most out of the warm months our beautiful island has to offer.

The first tip, and perhaps most important, is to remember to treat your outdoor space like an extension of your indoor space. If you think of it as another indoor space to design, you’re not limiting the outdoor space to only outdoors. It’s a great way to open up your home to more livable square footage, and another opportunity to showcase your vision for home design.

In order to utilize your outdoor space as an indoor-outdoor space, consider building an overhead structure that gives your outdoor space a purpose. Whether it’s a space frame or an actual celling complete with fans, this covered structure will give dimension to the space and a designated area for an extra living room or dining room.

Another great tip to merge your indoor-outdoor living space is to choose the same flooring for both, making it look like one big room to enjoy when it’s warm enough outside. The flooring will need to be durable and resistant since it’s being used outside, but there are plenty of flooring materials suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

Lastly, a backdrop focal point like a water feature or accent wall can make the outdoor living space look more “indoor” and create a more room-like atmosphere. In addition, an outdoor entertainment center complete with a flat screen TV and fireplace can mimic that same ambiance.

In addition to indoor-outdoor living, hardscape or landscape design is an important factor in any home remodeling project. Everyone has space in their back yard which can act as a sanctuary: whether it’s a 2×2 space or 3 acres, the importance of that space is the same.

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