Guide to Pentalquartz: A Low Maintenance Surface for Countertops, Floors and Walls

If you’re looking for a low maintenance surface for countertops, floors and walls that is difficult to damage, look no further than installing Pentalquartz in your home. This durable non-porous surface is perfect for those undergoing a home renovation or building a new home because it comes in a variety of finishes and colors and will last for many years.

Pentalquartz comes in four different finishes; polished, honed, satin and brush. Our skilled staff at Center Island Contracting can install this low maintenance surface if you’re considering a home remodel or starting a new construction. Being a Design/Build firm ensures that your remodel design is not limited or jeopardized.

After you’ve chosen the color and finish for your Pentalquartz installation, home care and maintenance is easy. Simply use mild soap and warm water for daily cleaning of this material, and avoid cleaners with harsh chemicals. Be prepared for fingerprints or other imperfections to show on honed surfaces easier than polished surfaces, which will require more frequent maintenance. Use a soft cloth or non-scratch pad for stubborn spots with a mild, non-abrasive cleaner.

Not only can Pentalquartz be used for countertops in kitchens and bathrooms, this Italian material can be used on floors and walls for your residential or commercial needs. Also use this versatile material for backsplashes, tub surrounds or shower walls.

No matter how you choose to install Pentalquartz with the help of Center Island Contracting’s expert team, keep in mind that Pentalquartz is stain resistant but not stain proof. Frequent cleaning will eliminate the threat of stains. With a 15-year warranty for residential projects and a 10-year warranty for commercial projects, your decision to use Pentalquartz for your new build or home renovation will be one of the easiest decisions!

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