Green Living: Versatile Ways to Use LED Lighting Strips

There are many benefits to using LED lighting in a new home construction or home renovation, which is why many homeowners are choosing LED lights over conventional lights in recent years. LED lights are safer, use less energy, and last much longer than regular lights. With the rise in popularity of LED lighting comes new ways to use them at home, for both decorative and practical reasons. One unconventional way to use LED lights is to buy them in strips, which lights up your intended area in a dreamy and illuminating way.

Center Island Contracting can perform installing and conversions in several ways in both commercial LED lighting and residential projects. We can change your existing lighting to LED or we can install LED lighting systems in your new build, allowing for the best possible lighting upgrade in your new home. Below are some versatile ways to use LED lighting strips at home.


Light up your staircase with LED light strips and make climbing up and down the stairs a much safer task, especially in the middle of the night. Instead of having to turn on the light, allow the LED light strips to guide your path up or down the stairs.


Again, if you don’t need the full light of the kitchen, installing LED light strips in your kitchen drawers is a great alternative. When you open up the drawers, you will be able to see every crevice of your drawer, even the dark and dreaded junk drawer.


The women of the house can have a glamorous area to put makeup if LED lighting strips are installed on the sides of the mirror in either a closet, bedroom or bathroom.


If the baby starts to cry in the middle of the night or the early hours of the morning, the last thing you want to do is encourage them to stay awake. Instead of turning on the lights in the room, install LED lighting around the crib to avoid creating more of a disturbance.



LED lighting around your outdoor deck can create a great ambiance for entertaining, providing just enough light at dusk or dark for your guests to safely interact and walk about the backyard.


Center Island Contracting is your local contractor for LED lighting installation throughout the north shore of Nassau, servicing Oyster Bay, Manhasset, Plainview, Jericho, etc. For more information on how we can assist your LED lighting installation or conversions, email us or call (631) 465-9765.