Green Home Building Ideas on North Shore of Nassau

Green building is a priority for many homeowners when starting a new home construction, and recent years have seen an influx of new green building techniques to accommodate the demand. Home building hasn’t slowed down, but resources have decreased, and energy efficiency is as important as ever. The following tips don’t just apply to new home construction, but many can be used for current homeowners who want to do their part to help the planet by making small changes here and there, which can go a long way. Let’s ditch the ineffective way we’ve been building for decades and adapt some energy-saving, sustainable ways to build and remodel.

Eco Friendly Materials

The list of places to use eco friendly materials is a long one, and it includes the frame of the home, cabinets, flooring, doors, building materials and even insulation. If your goal is to build a green home, it makes sense to build it with sustainable materials, doesn’t it? Examples of green materials include wood, cork and bamboo.

Recycle, Reuse and Repurpose

Instead of buying new, see what you can repurpose out of the furniture and building materials you already have. If you have quality wood flooring or cabinets in your current house, use them for your new house as well. When you do need to purchase new materials for your new construction, consider buying recycled materials such as tile, reclaimed lumber and aluminum.

Go Solar

Solar energy is a renewable energy source, so take advantage of this green building technique that was not available to homeowners years ago. This green building technique is a bigger investment than most of the others, but the investment will pay off in the long-run. The location of your new construction and how it’s positioned towards the sun can determine how much energy you get.


Smart thermostats can save energy and money by allowing you to set it to turn off or lower during times it isn’t needed, such as while you’re at work or on a vacation. Programmable thermostats can save energy production by eliminating cooling and heating during times you aren’t using it.

Roof Cooling

When designing your new construction home with Center Island Contracting, our experts can direct you towards roof building materials that will reflect the sun away from the roof. Green materials like slate, terra cotta and metal can be used for your roof to cool faster when the sun goes down and hold in less heat for a less amount of time, thus saving energy.

Conserve Water

Reduce water consumption by using green fixtures and appliances in your new home construction, such as low flow faucets, tankless water heaters and Energy Star washers. Incorporating Energy Star products in the construction of your home will continue to save you money through the years. Although some Energy Star product incentives and rebates are clearly cost effective, some may not be. We weigh every option with you and assist in making an educated decision based on the pros and cons.

Our qualified professional new home construction management team is here to help you build the new home of your dreams. With the knowledge about local and New York State laws, our staff can answer all your questions and streamline the entire process. Email us or call (516) 481-4707.

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