Garage Door Trends for an Updated Home Exterior

Updated garage doors can give the exterior of your home major curb appeal, so switching out the garage door can go a long way. Updating your garage door will not only modernize the look of your home, it can also increase the value.

When undergoing a home renovation, don’t leave out the garage door. There are a variety of great options to choose from, and there will surely be an option that fits into the overall style of the exterior of your home. Perhaps you’re building a new home and need some garage door inspiration, or you want to update your existing door. Below are garage door trends to consider for your new construction or home remodel.


Garage doors with windows are becoming popular, and it’s likely we’re going to continue to see this trend. We’ve seen everything from windows at the top of the garage door to let in light, to a garage door comprised of all glass.

Barn Door

Wood garage doors that look like they were taken off of an old barn and transplanted on to a new construction home are rising in popularity as the rustic décor style remains popular in home design. They’re also referred to as carriage doors, because they look like a replica of what would be seen on an old carriage house.

Tempered Glass

Garage doors with tempered glass panels typically belong in modern style homes. The tempered glass panels come in frosted, tinted or clear styles. The paneled tempered glass fits in perfectly with the clean lines on the exterior of contemporary homes.

Modern Black

Modern black is another contemporary garage door style, and it’s an easy style to achieve. Simply paint your existing garage black if you’re looking to cut corners in the budget. The bold black color will also conceal dirt and eventual wear and tear.

Smart Technology

Smart technology has dominated the home market, and garage doors are no exception. Garage doors with smart technology allow you to open and close them using your smartphone, providing the utmost home convenience.

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