Finishing Floors in a Recently Purchased Home

If you have recently purchased a home, and dislike the flooring, general contractors agree that finishing floors is a job that should be performed before moving into your recently purchased home. Finishing floors is a tedious process that requires general contractors to replace flooring in stages, depending on the material you choose. By finishing floors before you move into your recently purchased home, you do not have to worry about moving furniture or risk damaging the flooring as it is being installed. Here are some reasons why general contractors believe finishing floors before moving day is important.

If you are refinishing hardwood floors, then you know that there is a substantial amount of sanding involved. Many people do not realize that sanding wood floors creates a large amount of dust, and your home gets filthy quickly during this step of the refinishing project. The least amount of furniture in the home during this project, the better. By refinishing hardwood floors before you move into your recently purchased home, you will have less furniture and personal items to clean or move out of the way.

For those who are putting tile or laminate flooring in their recently purchased home, allowing the floor to settle is imperative. Nothing strikes fear in the heart of general contractors quite like the call from a client who walked on their recently grouted ceramic tile flooring, even after being advised otherwise. The reason why is that walking on freshly grouted floors can easily shift the tiles out of alignment. Your safest bet when it comes to finishing tile floors is to keep off of them. Yet another reason why changing your floor before you move into your home is the best bet.

Surface sealers offer a substantial amount of protection for the lifetime of your floors, and may help you get a few extra years out them beyond the expectation of normal wear and tear. Surface sealers tend to have an odor as they are drying, making it even more advisable to finish your flooring before you move into your home. In addition, general contractors suggest that allowing floors to dry after adding surface sealers helps to minimize any streaking or uneven drying patterns.

The best and most experienced general contractors agree that finishing floors before moving into your recently purchased home is a smart idea. For more information on finishing floors and other projects before moving into a recently purchased home, call Center Island Contracting at 631-465-9765.