Eco-Friendly Design: Salvaging Materials for Your New Melville Home

Instead of buying shiny and new, salvaging materials for home décor has become more popular than ever. Not only is it eco-friendly and creative, reclaimed materials won’t break the bank! What you or someone else might consider trash can get an entirely new life by repurposing it and giving it a new story. If you’re new at salvaging materials and giving them a new purpose for interior design or just need some fresh ideas for reclaimed materials, below are some eco-friendly design ideas to turn trash into treasure.

Corrugated Metal

The industrial look has become a trend, and you can achieve that look by using recycled corrugated metal for accent walls, ceilings, kitchen backsplash or cabinet doors. Corrugated metal offers a different layer of texture to a room and ranks as one of the more sustainable materials.

Old Furniture

Salvaging old furniture at yard sales, furniture auctions or even junk yards might be your ticket to a unique decorative piece you can use inside your bedroom, family room, office or even kitchen. There are countless ways to turn old furniture new again, like painting it, reupholstering it or simply cleaning it up.


Wood pallets are a versatile material you can salvage and turn into almost anything you want. The possibilities for wood pallet design are endless, and include DIY coffee tables, kitchen tables, planter boxes, outdoor furniture, benches, bookshelves and much more.

Old Hardware

Salvaging old hardware and repurposing it for interior design can add charm and character to any home. Use old hardware as doorknobs, cabinet or dresser handles, as well as hooks for a coat rack or jewelry rack. Old fixtures don’t need to rot away in a landfill, turn them into repurposed treasures in your new or remodeled home.

Windows and Doors

Your old windows and doors can be repurposed and turned completely new, or you can buy a salvaged window or door for cheap and turn it into your next home décor project. Vintage windows and doors that might not be in good shape can easily be turned into décor pieces that add unique character to your home. Turn an old window into an accent mirror by replacing the glass with mirror, or an old door into a sliding barn door on the interior of your home.

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