Create the Space You Desire in Your Manhasset, NY Home, by Adding a Dormer or Extension

Create the Space You Desire in Your Manhasset, NY Home, by Adding a Dormer or Extension!

Are you moving to Manhasset, New York and having a hard time finding a home to fit the space you require? In most cases, homes have an underdeveloped space that is just waiting to be put to good use. As a home buyer, you may not always see a home’s potential on first glance, but the trained eye of a general contractor can elaborate on where dormers or extensions may be applicable to maximize your living space.

Adding a dormer or extension allows for many different space-saving options. When thinking about how to make the space work best for you, consider which needs and wants are most important to you. A general contractor can easily help by presenting you with a variety of options that would help you get the most out of any extension or dormer. A general contractor can also create a living environment that serves as a multi-use area – maybe a study for your normal use that doubles as a guest room when visitors stop over for a few days. When it comes to adding a dormer or extension, the possibilities are endless!

After sifting through your must-have list, and still coming up short when you are searching for homes in Manhasset, NY, it’s time to consider adding an extension to an existing home. After choosing the house you are moving to and the extension you want to add, you must make sure this addition is within your budget, to avoid any frustration. As with many home projects, often times there are unforeseen issues to the untrained eye. For instance, your home may require installation of additional electrical wiring or plumbing, or reinforcing beams could raise costs. The best way to facilitate your move to Manhasset, NY is to hire a general contractor to identify any problem areas before construction begins.

The most effective way to ensure that your extension is done right from beginning to end, is by hiring a local, licensed general contractor who is familiar with the town’s zoning and construction regulations. Knowledgeable general contractors have the ability to add extensions and provide you with unique options to help you maximize space and avoid any potential issues during or after the addition of your dormer or extension. The highly skilled, professional general contractors at Center Island Contracting have completed countless home extensions and dormer additions for those moving to Manhasset, NY, and throughout other areas of Long Island. Call us today at 631-465-9765 for an estimate on your home extension project