Creative Ideas for a Bonus Room in Roslyn

Are you undergoing a home renovation and find yourself with a bonus room? The first idea that comes to mind is to turn it into another guest room, but with a little imagination, your bonus room can become the room you never knew you needed. A bonus room will often have a tricky layout, tucked away above the garage, in the basement, or maybe even in a guest house unattached to the main house. No matter where it’s located, use these creative ideas as inspiration for the unoccupied extra room in your house.

Teen Hangout

Your teenagers will be thrilled to have a designated space of their own to hang out with friends and more importantly, have some space away from the adults. A teen hangout space can be set up with just a few essentials; a few colorful bean bag chairs, couches, a selection of games and a TV. Now your teenagers can have some privacy within the safe space of their own home.

Yoga Retreat

Need a space for your daily yoga flow away from the hustle and bustle of the main family room or master bedroom? Turn your bonus room into your very own zen yoga retreat, complete with neutral colors that will relax you and plenty of space for a yoga mat. Turn on some peaceful music and enjoy your new room for your yoga practice.


All a home office really needs is a desk for your computer, some good lighting and a chance to get some work done in peace. Since oddly structured bonus rooms can sometimes have poor lighting, invest in a task lamp, sconces or pendants to illuminate the space for maximum productivity away from the rest of the family.

Homework Room

Turning your bonus room into a homework room will give your kids a quiet place to get their homework done after school. Instead of finding papers and other school supplies all over your kitchen, living room or dining room, keep them all confined to the homework room. It’s also free of distractions like the TV or video games, so the kids can focus on their work.

Kids Playroom

A kids playroom allows for the same concept as a teen hangout or homework room; it frees up your main living space from toys and gadgets. You might find that you’re able to keep the rest of the house much neater now that all the toys and kids’ belongings are in one restricted space, which is a bonus all around!

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