Create a Space for Homeschooling in Roslyn Harbor

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed many aspects of life and it has most likely shifted your children’s education plans this year. Parents are now forced to turn their homes into virtual classrooms due to schools delaying reopening, but you might be wondering where exactly this is going to take place within your home. The experts at Center Island Contracting can create a space dedicated to homeschooling that keeps your children on task and motivated.

Parents have a few options when it comes to setting up a virtual classroom. If you already have the space, it will need some upgrades to better suit a homeschooling environment. If your home lacks the space, extensions or additions are always an option, in addition to basement conversions.

The objective is to give kids sense of routine each day, giving them a dedicated work and learning space to go each day just as they did in their classrooms. If you’re converting a guest bedroom or playroom into a temporary virtual classroom, use space saving furniture like mounted shelves to use as side by side desks. This might leave more room for a comfy reading chair or an arts and crafts table.

No matter how your virtual classroom is set up, it needs to be adequately lit and free of clutter. It should also have an organization system such as bookshelves or bins to keep it as clean and orderly as possible.

Our qualified professional remodeling team can assist you in creating a kids home classroom on the north shore of Nassau county, Long Island. We are your local contractor of choice in towns like Oyster Bay, Manhasset, Plainview, Jericho, etc. For more information on our Long Island-based kitchen remodeling contractors, email us or call (516) 481-4707.