Cost vs. Value

Cost vs. Value: Find out What General Contractors Are Saying about Home Improvement

When it comes to home improvement projects, it’s important to consider the cost vs. value ratio. We want to see you spend your money wisely on your home’s reconstruction projects. According to general contractors, here are some of the most promising cost vs. value home improvement projects that will help you gain equity in your home.

Dormer Addition/Attic Bedroom: Typically, a dormer addition will cost an average of $49,000, and will offer your home a resale value of $42,000. This means you recuperated approximately 84% of your cost.

Basement Remodel: A basement remodel will cost around $62,000, and should yield a $49,000 resale value. According to general contractors, this suggests that you will recuperate approximately 78% of your cost.

Back Power Generators: For those who think a whole house generator is too costly, consider that the average cost is around $11,000, and provides you with a resale value of $8,000. This allows you to recuperate 68% of your initial cost.

Major Kitchen Remodel: A fully involved kitchen remodel costs on average $55,000, and offers a resale value of $41,000, which means you recover about 74% of your financial investment on this home improvement project.

Garage Additions: Believe it or not, garage additions can really help increase your home resale value. The average cost to you is $50,000, and it offers a resale value of $35,000. A garage addition will allow you to regain 70% of your initial cost.

Window Replacement: Window replacement is one of the most promising home improvement projects for a cost vs. value return. On average, the cost for window replacement is around $10,000 dollars, and it yields an $8,000 dollar resale value. General contractors report an overall return of 79% of your initial investment.

These home improvement projects are a great way for you to wisely invest in your home. The general contractors of Center Island Contracting have specialized in cost vs. value analysis of home improvement projects for many years. Trust your home improvement projects to the professional general contractors of Center Island Contracting. Contact us today at 631-465-9765.