Center Island Contracting – 2015

Our Contracting Company is the Jack-of-All-Trades:

Whether you are revamping, remodeling, or reconstructing, the general contractors at Center Island Contracting are dedicated to helping you achieve your ideal home. Our contracting company is experienced in all areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, garages, basements, additions, windows, doors, repairs, landscape, plumbing, and electrical. We are your one stop shop for all home remodel needs.

Landscape designs have become more and more popular when it comes to home remodeling. Your backyard can become a vital part of your home and provide your very own personal space for relaxation. Whether you are contemplating a patio or a waterfall, installing stone or brick, or accenting your yard with landscape lighting, our general contractors can bring your ideas to life. If you are unsure about how to get started on your new landscape project, our general contractors will assist you in deciding on the perfect fit for your backyard.

The general contractors at our contracting company not only handle big jobs, but will take on the small tasks as well. Our local handy man division will assist with all of your minor, yet bothersome problems around the house. Our qualified general contractors will handle all of your home repairs so that you don’t have to. Plumbing issues, light fixtures, and even home improvement ideas are areas in which our general contractors can help.

Turning your garage or basement into a more spacious area to maximize your living space while raising the value of your home is another area in which our general contractors specialize. Whether you are looking to turn the basement into a bedroom, game room, or lounge area, we are dedicated to helping you transform the additional space into a livable area. Converting the garage into a living space is one of the easier renovations a homeowner can do to add a more comfortable and spacious area while simultaneously adding value to the home.

Center Island Contracting can help with any home remodel projects as well as repairs, plumbing, and electric. Our general contractors can steer you in the right direction while keeping you within your budget. To get started on your home improvement projects, call us today at 631-465-9765.