3 Great Basement Conversions for Your Home

Having a basement in your home is already a great selling point for anyone looking to buy a house, but having a finished basement immediately boosts your home’s value due to the extra living space it provides. The best thing about having a basement in your home is that you can turn it into just about anything. Whatever you believe your home is lacking can be made up for with basement conversions. Here are some great basement conversions for you and your family.

Media Room/Family Room: If the living area in your home isn’t spacious enough, the basement is the perfect place to turn into your new living room. Media rooms are popular basement conversions because they offer loads of extra lounging space so family and friends have some place to gather comfortably for movie night or to watch their favorite sports team in action. Media rooms are usually furnished with big, flat screen televisions, huge comfortable couches and recliners, and surround-sound to get the full audio effect. You can even add in a pool table and a bar to entertain guests.

Additional Bedroom: Transforming your basement into an extra bedroom is always a smart decision. Maybe your children are getting tired of sharing a room, or your eldest is returning home from college and needs a place to crash. Even if you don’t need the extra space for your children, having a guest bedroom is also very sensible in case you have relatives or friends who are spending the night. Bedrooms are one of the more popular types of basement conversions, because they increase the value of your home considerably.

Personal Gym: You’ll never have an excuse to miss your workout again if your gym is right under your feet. Often the hardest part about working out is simply getting there. It can be difficult to find the motivation to get dressed and drive to the gym, especially when you work out after a long strenuous day at work, but now you won’t even have to leave your house to break a sweat. By having a home gym in the basement, not only will you save money on a membership, but you will also avoid the crowds, the noise, and other people’s sweat. You’ll now have the benefit of feeling comfortable in your own personal home gym and can tailor your new space to your workout goals.

When it comes to basement conversions, there are countless options you can choose from: the hardest part is deciding which design is best. At Center Island Contracting, our skilled general contractors can help you decide what to do with that extra basement space. Give us a call at 631-465-9765 to begin your new home project.