Adding a Closet

Your Storage Problems Are Solved with a Built-in Closet

How many times have you struggled to keep your closet organized and items well within reach, all because you are trying to make the poor design and space allotment of your closet work? You are not alone in this agonizing struggle. The easiest solution is to have a general contractor custom design a built-in closet that will fit your needs. For many, this idea may sound too extravagant, but when you take into account the benefits of saving time rummaging through your closet because of poor organization, this idea begins to sound very practical. With a little imagination and the right general contractor, the struggle for a well-organized closet can easily come to an end.

In order to build the most efficient built-in closet for your needs, you must assess what type of design is best. For example, perhaps the most ideal built-in closet would consist of plenty of room for shoes, suits, dresses and sliding drawers for folded clothes. Assessing your design needs is an important part of the planning process. A licensed general contractor can assist you with a custom design layout for your built-in closet plans.

A general contractor can help you with several area of your closet space project. Your contractor can help you draft a design of your built-in closet, based on your overall needs and budget. Contractors are up-to-date on the latest specialty hardware and features that can maximize the benefits of having a built-in closet and they can ensure a successful and easy closet redesign.

Lighting is an important aspect to a built-in closet that is often times overlooked. No one wants to be fumbling around in a poorly lit closet, hoping that they did not just grab a black tie to go with their navy suit. Lighting options for built-in closets are endless! Lighting features can include LED, energy saving lighting, recessed lighting and dimming lights. With just a few adjustments from a licensed electrician or contractor, your built-in closet will have an added touch of brightness and convenience.

A built-in closet is the ideal way to put an end to piling shoes on top of one another, cramming clothes and misplacing garments. At Center Island Contracting, we have many years of experience in home improvement projects, including designing and installing built-in closets. To begin your built-in closet project, contact us today at 631-465-9765.