7 Best Home Renovation Projects to Do in the Fall

The leaves are starting to change color, there is a cool, crisp feeling in the air and the kids have headed back to school. It’s officially fall, which means it’s time to tackle those home improvement projects you put off all summer long.

There are certain home remodeling or home improvement projects that are better suited for the fall season, just ahead of the freezing cold days of winter. In fact, one of the best fall home renovation projects to do is to prepare the house and yard for winter.

Below are 7 ideas for home renovation projects to focus on this fall.

Clean the Gutters

Before the cold winter weather arrives, early fall is the perfect time to clean your gutters. The gutters’ job is to direct water flow away from the house, so make sure to clear the debris out of the gutters to avoid any blockage.

Exterior Paint Refresh

If your home needs an exterior paint refresh, fall is a great time to do it. It’s not recommended to paint while the temperatures are warmer in the summer months, or too cold in the winter months. Fall weather is moderate enough for an exterior paint project.

Winterize the Deck/Patio

Winterizing the deck or patio is fall project that will properly set you up for the winter. Inspect for damage, thoroughly power wash and clean and refinish the deck for winterizing projects. This will ensure the deck looks just as nice come spring, when the winter is over.

Lawn Care

Fall lawn care projects are popular amongst homeowners. There’s plenty to do in the fall, when the leaves start to fall and the weather is still nice enough to spend hours working outside. Fertilize, mulch, rake the leaves and trim the grass often in the fall to get it ready for a long winter.

Inspect the Roof

Before the cold weather arrives, check the roof for any imperfections. The cold weather can exasperate any cracks or leaks, so it’s best to get your roof in top shape this fall to avoid any major issues.

Replace Windows

Replacing your windows with more energy-efficient windows is not only better for the environment, it will also save money on your electric bills come winter time. If your windows are getting older and the weatherstripping needs to be replaced, consider replacing your windows.

Power Wash

Another excellent home renovation project to do this fall is to power wash the siding of your home, walkways and the driveway. Any mildew found in any of these exterior areas should be long gone by the time the winter arrives.

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