6 Ways to Use Recycled Building Materials for Your Home Remodel Project

Using recycled building materials for your home remodel project is a great way to achieve cost savings and benefit the environment. Reusing and repurposing is a great way to take what you already have and making it work for you.

Homeowners undergoing a remodel are always looking for ways to save money on their home remodel project to stay within the budget they set forth from the beginning. By consciously making decisions to use recycled building materials, you can save money and feel good about not buying brand new when it’s not necessary.

Reuse cabinets in another room in your house or repurpose your wood floors by sanding them and staining them a new color to give them new life. There are many ways to use recycled building materials for your home remodel project.


Use recycled tile, wood, or any recycled flooring material for the floors of your home remodel. Recycled wood flooring will especially add a unique charm to your remodel that you couldn’t get buying new materials. Saving on the expense of flooring will do wonders for your budget.

Walls or Wall Accents

For walls or wall accents, use recycled tile or bricks, or reclaimed wood for a shiplap look. The recycled material you choose will ultimately depend on your interior design style. Brick can even be used to build a fireplace that looks homey and welcoming.


Use recycled materials for your countertops and slash your kitchen remodel expenses in half. In addition to the money it saves, your kitchen will have more personality than a standard kitchen with new building materials. It won’t look like every other kitchen in your neighborhood.


Recycled materials can even be used for décor pieces throughout your remodeled home. Use recycled wood to build furniture if you’re the creative type, or use reclaimed wood for beams to complement your high ceilings.


Recycled wood can be used as a decking material to create a new deck out of old materials. Adding a deck will increase the value of your home, essentially providing another living space to enjoy when the weather permits. Outdoor living spaces are a huge selling point for modern homes.


Landscaping provides many opportunities to use recycled or reclaimed materials. Recycled brick can create walkways, pathways, or edging, while recycled rocks can be used as a highlight feature in your garden.

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