6 Ways to Maximize Space in Kids’ Rooms

As kids grow, they require more and more space. Even in an already spacious room, it can feel like they are quickly growing out of their rooms as each year passes. Whether you’re working with a small or large space, we can all benefit from maximizing the space in our children’s rooms.

Kids accumulate a lot of things, from clothes and shoes, to toys, books and stuffed animals. The expert tip is to have a designated place for everything to go, so that everything is neatly organized and not lying around the room. Another great tip is to purge of anything that isn’t being used to keep the clutter out.

Below are more six ways to maximize space in kids’ rooms.

Less Is More

Keeping kids’ rooms as simple as possible will allow for more play space for them to use their imagination. Having a neutral foundation for the room will also allow for it to easily change during each phase of their life, when they’re no longer into the same toys or themes they were just one year prior. Switching out a few accessories is easier than changing up larger elements like furniture.


Those with kids know that storage is like gold in a child’s room. There’s always a missing Lego piece or baby doll accessory floating around somewhere, so having a storage system that keeps everything in their designated place is critical. A vertical storage system will help save on much needed space.

Bunk Beds

Consider bunk beds if siblings are sharing a room. Going vertical is a space saver in itself, so going vertical with beds will free up a lot of space that can be used for other valuable things like a play table or desk.

Donate Unused Toys

To save yourself from the endless flow of toys and games coming into the room but never leaving, have a toy donation system in place that eliminates clutter. The system could be yearly, or before each new toy comes in, but no matter how often it is it’s a great lesson to instill in your children to donate unused items.


Kids’ spaces should be multi-functional, even if there is a separate playroom for toys. It’s inevitable that the kids will use the room for more than just sleeping, so try and create a room with space to do the things they like or need to do, such as a homework nook or a karate practice area.

Floor Plan with Purpose

When creating a floor plan, design it with a purpose. Kids need plenty of space to be kids and don’t have the same priorities as their parents. By making the most out of their living space, you’re giving them more space to explore activities that make them happy each day.

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