6 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Kitchen Renovation

After deciding to move forward with a kitchen renovation, there are many questions to ask yourself or your contractor about the renovation process. To prepare yourself before the renovations begin, use this list as a guideline to help avoid setbacks you might not have considered before the project gets underway.

Which Direction Should My Cabinets Swing?

When installing new cabinets in your newly-renovated kitchen, there are questions to consider other than what materials or type of knobs to use. After choosing the cabinets and hardware, the next decision is which way the cabinets should swing to achieve visual consistency in your new kitchen.

What Are My Building Code Rules?

Local building codes can hinder your design plans for your kitchen remodel, so make sure to be well versed in what you can or cannot build. If your remodel project gets hit with an inspection and does not pass, it can set you back a great deal and create major headaches.

What Material Should I Use For Finishes?

Do your research when it comes to the different types of finish styles, such as brushed or polished, and how cohesive they look together if mixing. It’s best to buy appliances from the same manufacturer to achieve a consistent look. Metals come in a variety of finishes, so talk to the design team at Center Island Contracting to see what’s out there.

Do I Want an Undermount Sink or a Drop-In Sink?

Deciding which type of sink to use should be set in stone before you make the decision about what material to use for your countertops, because some materials will be restricted depending on which type of sink you decide on. Choosing between an undermount sink and drop-in sink should be done early in your kitchen remodel process.

What Edge Shape Should the Countertops Be?

After deciding on the stone material for the countertops, the next question is what edge shape should be used. Who knew there were so many types of edges? There’s eased edge, cove edge, bullnose, etc. Different materials work better with certain types of edges, so keep that in mind.

I Know the Material of my Stone, Now What Finish?

Now that you know the type of stone that will be installed for your countertops, what type of finish will you use? When choosing your stone, ask to see it in different finishes so you can get the full picture of what you really want for your new kitchen. Types of finishes include polished, honed, rough and more.

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