6 Common Mistakes When Designing a Kitchen Island in Lloyd Harbor

Kitchen islands add a lot of value to the kitchen, but it is possible to negate that when making mistakes with this popular kitchen renovation project. If there’s enough room in your kitchen, the addition of a kitchen island can provide more storage space and counter space to prep and entertain.

When adding a kitchen island to the list of items on your kitchen remodeling project list, consider the following design mistakes to make sure that you’re not doing something you might regret later.

Going Too Big

Kitchen islands that are too big will ruin the layout of the kitchen and make it feel cramped. There are a few consequences that can stem from this mistake; the island is so big it doesn’t leave enough walking space around it, it’s so big it makes it difficult to use it because you can barely reach over it to grab something, and it dominates the design of the kitchen.

Going Too Small

Just like going too big is a mistake, going too small is also a mistake. If you can barely utilize the space, there’s no reason to add an island. There should be sufficient space for meal prep, entertaining, even doing various activities with your kids such as homework help or art projects.

Blocking Workflow

Kitchen islands that obstruct workflow would be considered design mistakes. Without enough space between the sink, stove, and fridge, your kitchen’s function gets all out of whack. If the location of your kitchen island cuts into the kitchen workflow, it might be time to reconsider a kitchen island.

Wrong Surface Material

Choosing the wrong surface material is another kitchen island design mistake. The material chosen is an important decision and heavily depends on your needs for the island. A durable material should be chosen because of all the use the kitchen island gets. Quartz is a great option in that it’s nonporous, easy to clean and resistant to heat and water stains.

No Storage or Seating

Not thinking through the right storage or seating for your kitchen island is another design mistake. If seating is one of the main reasons for adding a kitchen island, make sure to plan properly with seating on both sides, or choose a curved edge to allow for more bar stools. Storage should be thoroughly planned out as well to fit the amount of cabinet space needed.


There’s nothing worse than a poorly lit kitchen island. Make sure you choose adequate lighting for your kitchen island to make it as functional as possible. Good lighting is needed for cooking, cutting vegetables, serving drinks, and more.

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