6 Benefits of Knocking Down to Rebuild

Knocking down to rebuild is one of our custom home building options. It means you already live in a desirable location but don’t like the house itself, so you decide to start over by knocking down your existing home to rebuild it.

If you’re in the right neighborhood, but not the right house, you will likely decide to knock down and rebuild rather than buy a new lot to build on. If your current home is simply not working for you, it might be time to knock it down and start over. Center Island Contracting even has floor plans that will work for lot sizes in your neighborhood.

Below are 6 benefits of knocking down and building new.

  1. Stay in Your Neighborhood

Knocking down and rebuilding is the best of both worlds. You get a brand new customized home in the location that you already know and love. This means you can stay in the neighborhood you’ve already established roots in, which you know already works for your family’s lifestyle. It also means you get a new house built exactly how you like.

  • Watch Your Home’s Vision Come to Life

The vision you’ve always had of your forever home is achievable! If you’ve always had an idea in your head about what your dream home would look like and had an exact neighborhood in mind for this dream home to be located in, it’s nice to know this vision can come to life. Although the house you live in isn’t your ideal home but it is in your desired location, we can fix the house portion of this vision.

  • Save on Moving Costs

Although you’re getting a brand new home and it will feel like you’re moving, you’re staying in the same location. Temporarily moving out during construction during a knock down and rebuild is much more cost-effective in the long run than spending money on moving costs to move to a different location.

  • Customized New Home

This was mentioned but it can’t be stressed enough – when knocking down and rebuilding you will have the opportunity to completely customize your new house. This is not your typical home remodel. You can choose an entirely new layout that works better for your family, as well as updated finishes and materials.

  • Emotional Connection

We can’t ignore the emotional connection factor. It’s OK to admit that your family is emotionally connected to the neighborhood and location you live in. Maybe this is where you brought your kids home from the hospital, or you live down the street from your parents. By choosing this home remodel option, you don’t have to give any of that up.

  • Avoid HOA Restrictions

HOA restrictions are placed on building homes on new lots. If you already own the lot, you might be able to avoid pesky HOA restrictions that limit the design vision for your home. Some neighborhoods enlist strict restrictions like minimum square footage and exterior colors.

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