5 Tips to Refinish Your Basement the Right Way

Refinishing the basement is a more complicated project than renovating any other space in your home, due to the task of having to conceal the systems and infrastructure of your basement in a refined way. However, once the refinishing project is complete, a finished basement can add value to your home and another living space to boot. Below are some tips that need to be completed the right way to get your basement looking the best it can possibly be.


The ceiling can be tricky to conceal in a tasteful way, since there are wires, pipes and any other systems to hide. The objective is to hide these infrastructure objects so well that the room doesn’t look like a basement. The height of the ceiling will aid in this goal, so talk to your contractor at Center Island Contracting about options for raising the ceiling in your basement.

Natural Light

Natural light is a main component in refinishing your basement the right way, since you want to avoid it feeling like a dark cave. The light will stream in through plenty of windows, so place your windows in strategic areas to allow for maximum lighting.


If including a bathroom or kitchen is in your basement design plans, plumbing needs to be installed correctly. For entertaining purposes, both are a great addition to your finished basement. Check out the plumbing services Center Island Contracting offers here.

Flood Protection

Flooding is a serious threat in any basement, so be prepared. Installing a waterproofing system in case of a flood is the best case scenario, but prepare in other ways if that’s not feasible. Install a drain and choose a flooring material that will survive water.

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