5 Tips for Building a Functional Outdoor Kitchen to Enjoy Year-Round

As a homeowner, one of the most prized spaces is an outdoor kitchen space. By building a functional outdoor kitchen that can be used year-round, careful planning is necessary before your remodel. It’s important to take the elements into account when building an outdoor kitchen that can be used even when the coldest months hit – this way you can entertain outside throughout the year. Before you can impress your guests by whipping up a meal outside as they sit outdoors with cocktails enjoying the view, consider these six tips for building a functional outdoor kitchen to enjoy year-round.

Plan for Colder Weather

The design of your outdoor kitchen space should reflect all seasons, which means being prepared for the colder weather during fall and winter. If space permits, consider adding a fire pit to radiate warmth to your outdoor kitchen space and provide the option for people to cozy up in front of the fire before or after dinner. An outdoor space heater or an outdoor gas heater are other options for keeping guests warm.

Choose Appliances

Food and entertainment is a key element to building the perfect year-round outdoor kitchen oasis, so it’s best to decide which types of appliances work best for your home. There are many outdoor appliances to choose from to make the outdoor space functional, such as built-in refrigerators, wet bars with a sink, grills, smokers, flat tops and ice makers.

Materials to Withstand Elements

Part of achieving a year-round outdoor kitchen space is building it with materials that can withstand the elements. Not only do you want your outdoor kitchen to be made with materials that look great, you also need to choose tough materials that are easy to maintain and will last a long time. Talk to one of our experts about finding materials that fit your lifestyle and budget.

Practical Layout

Your outdoor kitchen space will have hot and cold zones for appliances like ovens and refrigerators, so planning out a practical layout is an important step in building a functional outdoor kitchen space. Consider the placement of electrical wiring when installing appliances to create a practical layout.

Entertainment Features

Entertainment features such as surround sound and ambiance lighting can take your outdoor kitchen space to the next level. Chances are you will be hosting family dinners, get togethers with friends and relaxing evenings with your significant other in this space, so create an environment that’s fun and inviting.

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