5 New Landscape Design Ideas for Spring

The start of spring makes us want to get outdoors again and put the cold days of winter behind us. By starting a home landscape design project, working outside and getting the house ready for spring kills two birds with one stone. Whether you choose a small-scale or a large-scale landscape design project to complete this spring, your yard will be one step closer to the landscape design masterpiece you’ve always dreamed it would be. Below are 7 examples of popular landscape design ideas for spring to get your creative juices flowing, so let your imagination run wild.

Natural Garden

Don’t worry about your garden looking too manicured and polished; sometimes the natural beauty of nature is all you need to achieve serenity in your home garden. Use rough-cut stone steps in between lush, flowering shrubs for a garden that looks natural and effortless.

Dry Creek Bed

A dry creek bed is both pleasing to the eye and offers function to your outside landscape. A winding dry creek bed will garner attention but also help to drain water after a rainstorm. Dry creek beds are so attractive that some homeowners that have no landscape drainage issues build them in their yards just because of how they look.

Natural Stone Steps

Stone slab steps are a beautiful addition to any yard, giving almost a dreamy garden-like feel to your home landscape design. Plants that grow around the steps and into the path add to the natural design aesthetic, giving it that natural yet striking look only natural stones can provide.

Seat Wall

A curved seat wall can be used to block the elements in your backyard, but used in place of an ordinary bench made out of stone or wood makes it look almost like an art piece. Situate the seat wall so that it faces your best backyard view – whether that’s a body of water, beautiful green foliage or your hard-earned garden.


Tulips are sort of the unofficial flower of spring, so planting them generously around your garden can force you into that spring spirit. It’s hard not to brighten your mood when gazing at a garden of bright-colored tulips.

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