4 Signs it’s Time to Knock Down & Rebuild

Knock down and rebuild projects should be determined case by case. Not every home needs to be demolished, and homeowners can get their desired results by remodeling. There are certain factors that should be considered before deciding to knock down and rebuild, but most of the time it’s because you love the location the house is in but have no attachment to the house whatsoever.

Your family might want to stay in the neighborhood where your family has established roots but desires a completely new house. Or you might find an older home to tear down and rebuild in a new neighborhood you fell in love with. Whatever the case, here are 4 signs your house is a strong candidate for knocking down and rebuilding.

No Space for Additions

If there is no room on the property for additions and the current layout of your home doesn’t work for your family, knock down and start over to get the layout you want. A knockdown and rebuild is an all or nothing decision, so if this is the only reason then maybe a remodel is better suited for you.

Older Home

Older homes are riddled with so many issues, such as cracks in the foundation, low ceilings, roof replacements, etc. This reason alone is enough to make the decision to knock down and rebuild. Aging homes come with the need to be updated or replaced as time goes on.

Structural Issues

If your house has core structural issues like a faulty foundation or mold damage, it’s time to knock down and rebuild instead of remodeling. If the structural issues are limited to just one room, however, renovating could suffice.

No Emotional Attachment to Interior

If you absolutely hate the layout, finishes, interior and age of your house, it’s time to knock down and start over. Now might be your chance to build a brand new, customizable home of your dreams. Financially, it makes more sense to knock down and rebuild the house if your family plans to stay long-term.

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