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Archive | November, 2016


6 Landscape Tips for Fall to Boost Curb Appeal

Just because the alluring colors of fall trees are returning to our yards, doesn’t mean we can slack on maintaining the rest of the yard. The landscape design still needs to look clean and polished while the leaves are falling and the temperature is dropping, and showcasing fall foliage and the rich, vibrant colors of […]

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8 Bathroom Updates that Won’t Break the Bank

These affordable bathroom makeover ideas can be completed in a matter of days and will give your home the refreshed look you’re craving. Whether it’s a master bathroom, guest bathroom or the powder room, here are eight bathroom updates that will refresh your space and won’t break the bank. Contact us to let our qualified […]

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Prepare for Upcoming Winter Months on a Budget

As the cold weather looms, getting the house ready for the frigid temperatures should be high priority. Winterizing your home can cost a pretty penny, especially with the holidays coming up and budgets are tight. With that said, we’ve compiled a list of low budget ways to keep your family comfortable and warm this winter. […]

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7 Home Projects to Finish Before Thanksgiving

Before the holidays roll around again and we have house guests coming over for Thanksgiving, some of us have some home projects to finish. Thanksgiving is a cozy time with friends and family, so make sure to complete all those projects you didn’t get around to at the end of summer. Before the weather gets […]

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