10 Things to Do Before You Move In

All the paperwork is completed, the movers are scheduled and you’re so close to moving into your new home. The real work begins on moving day, but there is plenty of work to be done before you move in. There’s packing, organizing, purging and the to-do list goes on before the big move, so get these tasks out of the way before moving day sneaks up on you. Below are 10 things to do before you move in.

Pack Bag with Necessities
Pack a bag with all your necessities for the first few days so you don’t have to rip through boxes looking for what you need. You will need pajamas, a tooth brush, toiletries and more.

Yard Sale
Go through all your belongings and get rid of everything you don’t plan on bringing to the new house. This is your chance for a clean slate, which means ditching all the items that your family doesn’t need or haven’t used in a while. The alternative to a yard sale is to donate your unused items.

Announce Address Change
Getting ahead of the curve when it comes to announcing your address change to your family and friends will help eliminate headaches later on. Although email and phone are likely your main methods of communication, mail hasn’t become obsolete.

Pack Out of Season Items First
Get a head start on packing as soon as possible, and start with out of season items. If you’re moving during the summer, start packing up your winter clothes, skis, sleds, and other winter items. You will be thankful these items are out of the way once moving day gets closer.

Collect your boxes as soon as possible so you have them when the real packing begins. Scrambling for boxes last minute will add to your moving day stress, so borrow or buy your boxes early and get packing.

Research Movers
Do your research on movers in your area if you’re going the route of hiring movers. Get recommendations from family and friends and do your due diligence with the information available on local moving companies. Hiring a reputable, reliable moving company will make your moving day go that much smoother.

Internet Service Provider
Call ahead with plenty of time to make an appointment with your internet service provider to set up the internet connection in your new house. It often takes a few weeks for internet service providers to send someone out, and you likely don’t want to go without internet for longer than you have to.

Children and Pets
Have a plan set in place for your kids and pets for moving day, since it will be chaotic and sometimes dangerous when moving large furniture and heavy boxes. Set them up with friends, in laws or a babysitter and have peace of mind that they’re out of harm’s way.

Notify Post Office
In addition to making the announcement to family and friends, notify the post office about your address change once the new house is a done deal. Your bills and other important correspondence are often documents that are time-sensitive, so eliminate the step of your mail having to be forwarded from your old address and notify the post office right away.

Spare Keys
Get spare keys made for family members and close friends right away, as well as extra keys for yourself. It’s easy for keys to get misplaced on moving day with all the hustle and bustle surrounding the move, so get a back-up set of keys.

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