Signs you Need a Dry Well or Drainage System Installed

Drainage problems are usually obvious, but when drainage issues don’t result in flooding in the basement or front yard, they can be a bit more difficult to identify. Issues like mildew in the attic, water stains in the basement or cracks in the foundation can have just as harmful of an effect that flooding has, and they’re all signs you need a dry well or drainage system installed.

Center Island Contracting has the experience necessary to install your water drainage system efficiently and quickly. From low-lying properties that develop pooling conditions during inclement weather to problems with runoff from the existing gutter system, our experts can review your property and find the solutions you need.

Mildew in Attic

If mildew is found in the attic, it’s possible either bathroom fans are sending hot air up to the top of the house or moisture from the basement is being sent up to the attic. The attic might not be the first place you’d look for drainage problems, but it can be a good indication of drainage trouble on the bottom floor of the house.

Water Stains in Basement

If water stains are found in the basement, it could be surface water due to an overflowing gutter or if the stain runs around the perimeter of the basement, a possible fluctuating water table. If you see any of these signs, talk to our experts at Center Island Contracting about installing an interior drainage system.

Cracks in the Foundation

Small cracks in the foundation shouldn’t be cause for alarm. However, if you notice those cracks begin to widen, it’s usually a sign of a bigger issue. If you spot cracks that are wider than an inch, it’s possible that a drainage problem is ruining the foundation.


Efflorescence, or deposits on the wall that are caused by evaporating water, is a good indication of a drainage issue. Even worse, you might find that the wall is spalling, meaning the wall paint is flaking off in large patches. Efflorescence is a sign that moisture is building, but our experts at Center Island Contracting can identify where the drainage issue is and fix it.

Downspout Issues

Another sign of a drainage problem is downspouts that dump out large quantities of water. Excessive dumping of water can affect the foundation of the house or seep into the basement and ruin the flooring, furniture and more.

No matter what sort of drainage problem you may have, our knowledgeable team of construction, landscape design and water drainage system experts can create a system to meet your needs. Our qualified water drainage system professionals can provide solutions to any excess water situation your home might have. For drainage experts right here on the north shore of Long Island, in towns like Oyster Bay, Manhasset, Plainview, Jericho, etc. Email or call (516) 481-4707.