Pool Fencing: A Backyard Necessity

Installing pool fencing around your pool isn’t just for looks, it will also increase the safety of your pool area dramatically. Summer is officially here, and your friends and family will likely be outside using the pool often to cool off during those hot summer days. Now is the perfect time to invest in pool safety to provide security for your loved ones, which is why it has become a backyard necessity.

While there are no federal pool fencing laws, many areas across the U.S. require it. If your area doesn’t require a fenced in pool, your insurance company might. Despite laws and insurance agency requirements, however, safety should be the No. 1 reason to install pool fencing. To check your local fencing laws, refer to administrative and/or building codes and zoning ordinances. There are many types of pool fencing to consider before contacting Center Island Contracting to install it. Factors like budget, being child-friendly, the landscape design and the fence’s durability should play into homeowners’ decisions on which type of pool fencing to use.

Mesh pool fences are the most popular type of pool fencing, considering they check all the boxes when it comes to budget, durability, safety and convenience. Glass fencing, on the other hand, is more aesthetically appealing, but can increase your cost significantly. However, glass fencing will provide durability and safety because it makes it difficult for kids to climb over it. Fencing types that kids can climb over include wood, wrought iron, aluminum, or any kind of vertical bar fencing, so that’s something to consider if you have children.

Although fencing safety laws and requirements differ from state to state, every state requires a gate that is self-latching, self-closing and opens outwardly. To kick your family’s safety up a notch further, consider an alarm on the pool fence gate door.

Homeowners have come to rely on pool fencing to minimize the risk of unsupervised children, intruders entering the pool area and to prevent drowning or injuries, which means homeowners’ decision to install pool fencing can save lives.

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