Landscape Design

In addition to adding some curb appeal to your home, updating and maintaining landscape design has many advantages. The idea is to expand your living space past just the inside of your home and turn your backyard into a livable, multi-functional space, all while adding value to your home and helping the environment. Center Island Contracting has design professionals to help with your landscape design renovation, whether you’re considering brick work, a paver patio or anything in between.

No matter what type of landscape design project you decide to embark upon, we have likely done it before. So browse through our finished portfolio of completed projects and get some inspiration, or sit down with one of our professionals to talk you through the pros and cons to come up with the best possible plan for you and your budget. There are many advantages to adding landscape design to your home and it goes beyond just the appearance of the home. Here are some reasons you should go for that outdoor project you’ve been debating over:

Add Value To Your Home: With even the most minor upgrades to your outdoor space, your home will look more attractive to a potential buyer when it comes time to sell your home. The more you add to your outdoor space in terms of landscape design, the more you will get back financially when selling time comes around. Keep in mind it might seem like a lot of money upfront, but adding a feature like a waterfall or stone veneer will add to your home’s resale value. It will also improve the image of your neighborhood, which contributes to the resale value as well.

More Living Space: It’s simple, maximizing your living space is valuable in more ways than one. With a livable outdoor area designed and installed by Center Island Contracting, you will add more square footage to entertain and relax. The added space might even help serve as a seclusion technique, with large trees or plants acting as sound barriers to keep noise from the street or neighboring homes out.

Lower Your Electricity Bill: Cut your monthly expenses by putting in some large shading trees in your backyard, which will cut how much energy you use each month for heating and cooling. Position the trees in front of outdoor-facing windows and you will see a decrease in your electric bill from month to month. The trees will also provide some cool air outside in the summer months, so you can sit outside without needing any extra fans or cooling devices.

Help The Environment: We’re all mindful of our environment, and by updating your home’s landscape design you can do your part in a small way. The trees, flowers, shrubs and hedges you install into your outdoor oasis can reduce air pollution. The greenery you add to your yard reduces the amount of pollutants from the air by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. Your new trees and plants can also reduce water pollution and the consumption of water.