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Archive | March, 2015


Relocating from Brooklyn to Jericho

Tips for Relocating from Brooklyn to Jericho Relocating from Brooklyn to Jericho, Long Island is an exciting experience! There is always so much to do before moving day. But, before you even pack your first box, consider this advice offered by our general contractor professionals. Since there may be some home improvement projects you are […]

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Adding a Dormer

Maximize Your Living Quarters with a Dormer Addition Do you have a college student that comes home on the weekends or do you host frequent out of town visitors? In most cases, many homes have an underdeveloped space that is just waiting to be used properly. As a homeowner, you may not always know of […]

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Adding A Study1

Adding a Study

Adding a Study: A Practical & Sophisticated Home Improvement Project The amount of people working from home these days is on the rise, which is increasing a demand on people adding a study to their home. Anyone can transition a room in their home into a make-shift office but, realistically, not all rooms are office-friendly. […]

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Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel: A Wise Home Improvement A bathroom remodel can be a wise choice among home improvement projects. Homeowners that have recently remodeled their bathroom have reaped the reward when selling their home, because a bathroom remodel is guaranteed to increase your home’s appraisal. Embarking on a bathroom remodel should not be done haphazardly, though. […]

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